Monday, April 28, 2014

Runoff Election Recommendations 2014

Early Voting: May 19-23

Election Day:  May 27

My recommendations for the Runoff Elections are provided below...

  • Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor
  • Ken Paxton for Atty General
  • Sid Miller for Ag Commissioner
  • Wayne Christian for RR Commissioner
  • Eric Mahroum for State Board of Education Dist. 11
  • Konni Burton for State Senator Dist 10
  • Atticus Gill for County Criminal Court Judge #2
  • Alexander Kim for County Criminal Court Judge #3
  • Lenny Lopez for Justice of the Peace #3 

  •  TJ Fabby for State Rep 
  • Stefani Carter for State Rep
  • Ted Seago for State Rep
  • Philip Eby for State Rep
  • Steve Toth for State Senate
  • Bob Hall for State Senate
  • Ben Streusand for US Congress
  • John Ratcliffe for US Congress
  • Anne Hollis for Parker County JP3 
  • Susan Fletcher for Collin County Commissioner
Please do not mistake these as endorsements.  I HAVE endorsed some of them, but not all. 

If you would like to view the forum NE Tarrant Tea Party hosted with these candidates, please click the link. A minute marker for each candidate is provided so that you can jump to the ones you are most interested in.

Below is an image you can print to take to the polls with you -- as well as pass out to other voters!

Printing instructions:
  1. Right click on image.
  2. Choose "save image as".
  3. Determine where you want to save the image on your computer.
  4. Pull up the saved image and print it on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.