Monday, February 10, 2014

Tarrant County Voting Recommendations - Republican Primary 2014

Here are my personal recommendations for the Tarrant County Republican Primary 2014.  I've only listed those in contested races, so if someone does not have a challenger they are not listed. Some of the races may not be on your specific ballot depending on what district/precinct you live in.

  • U. S. Senator                     Steve Stockman                                             
  • U. S. Rep Dist 26               Michael Burgess
  • U. S. Rep Dist 6                 Frank C. Kuchar                                
  • Governor                            Greg Abbott                      
  • Lt Governor                        Dan Patrick                                        
  • Atty General                      Ken Paxton                                        
  • Comptroller                       Debra Medina                  
  • Land Commissioner        David Watts                                       
  • Ag Commissioner            Sid Miller                            
  • RR Commissioner            Wayne Christian                              
  • Chief Justice, Sup Crt     Nathan Hecht                   
  • Supreme Crt Place 6       Jeff Brown                         
  • Supreme Crt Place 8       Phil Johnson                      
  • Crt of CrimAppeals Pl3  Bert Richardson                               
  • Crt of CrimAppeals Pl4  Kevin Patrick Yeary         
  • Crt of CrimAppeals Pl9  David Newell                                    
  • State Brd of Ed Dist 11   Eric Mahroum                   
  • State Senator Dist 10      Jon Schweitzer                 
  • State Rep District 92       Jonathan Stickland         
  • State Rep District 94       Tony Tinderholt                               
  • Criminal District Atty     Sharen Wilson                  
  • District Judge 231st          Jesse Nevarez                                  
  • District Judge 297th         Lex Johnston                                    
  • District Judge 432nd         Ruben Gonzalez                                              
  • Cty Criminal Court 1       David Cook                                        
  • Cty Criminal Court 2       Atticus Gill                          
  • Cty Criminal Court 3       Alexander Kim                 
  • Cty Criminal Court 8       Chuck Vanover                
  • County Commissioner   Andy Nguyen                   
  • Justice of the Peace 2    William Shane Nolen     
  • Justice of the Peace 3    Lenny Lopez                      
  • Justice of the Peace 4    Vickie L. Phillips                
  • Justice of the Peace 7    Matt Hayes         

    Below is an image you can print to take to the polls with you -- as well as pass out to other voters!

    Printing instructions:

    1. Right click on image.
    2. Choose "save image as".
    3. Determine where you want to save the image on your computer.
    4. Pull up the saved image and print it on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.