Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Voting Guides

Conservatives throughout Texas have asked for my input on the upcoming Republican Primary.  For those in and around Tarrant County, I'm pretty familiar with the candidates and am able to share my opinions pretty easily.  For those further away, I've asked trusted conservatives in those areas to help me out in the down-ballot races.

Please note:  these are just recommendations.  Honorable people may disagree!  That is why we have Primaries -- so we can all voice our opinions.  I am not offended if you do not choose the candidates I have chosen, and I hope you will show the same respect to me. 

You need not ask permission to share these lists.  My goal is to get as many conservatives elected into as many offices throughout Texas as possible!  Spread it around!

Please click on your county name below.  If your county is not listed, please click here for recommendations on the statewide races that will be on your ballot.  And if you'd like me to add your county, please email me and let me know! 
Early voting in Texas runs from February 18-28, and Election Day is March 4.